About Our Church


Green Pastures Community Church || Our Vision

We glorify God by modelling a loving community of disciples of Jesus Christ, giving witness to His resurrection power in every facet of life.

Who We Are
  • Christ Followers

    We are people who are dedicated believers in Jesus Christ and his Word (The Bible)

  • Faith Do-ers

    We believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of the holy Scriptures as authoritative in the Christian life and conduct and live accordingly

  • People Encouragers

    We understand that a strong Christian community means being God’s hands and feet to our local community.

Our Values
  • Biblical Integrity

    II Timothy 3:16. We strive to conduct every ministry of the church according to Biblical principles.

  • Priesthood of All Believers

    I Peter 2:5,9. We believe that all Christians are ministers unto God differing only in their spiritual gifts, function, and calling in the Body of Christ.

  • Purpose Driven

     Romans 12:1-8. We believer that our church and each member have a divinely ordained purpose, gifts, and place of service in the Lord’s Body. We strive to assist God’s children in finding their unique purpose.

  • People Focused

    Luke 15:3-7; I Corinthians 3:9. We value each person without partiality and honor the individual above numbers, finances, building, and institutional image.

  • Marriage & Family Strength

    Colossians 3:18-20. We seek to build strong, nurturing families as foundational to individual and church growth.

  • Openness & Honesty

     I John 1:1-7; John 3:21. We share information openly and freely with all  those who need it to carry out their callings.

  • Defense of the Poor & Oppressed

     Luke 4:18. We believe its a vital part of our Christian witness to remember the poor in our ministry planning and service.

  • Discipleship

    Matthew 28:18-20. We seek to evangelize the lost and bring every member into joyful maturity in Christ and productive service in His kingdom.

  • Small Group Focused

     Ephesians 5:18-21. We believe connection in a small group is essential to real fellowship and spiritual growth.

  • Servant-Leader Ministerial Team

     John 13:12-17; I Peter 5:1-4. We believe the Lord Jesus Christ modeled a “servant-leader” style of shepherding for all those in authority over others.

Our Community
Sound Biblical teaching
Diverse community of believers
Extensive community interaction
Our Staff
Pastors Don Griffin
Pastors Don Griffin
Founder & Executive Pastor
Brenda Griffin
Brenda Griffin
Co-Founder, Pastor's Wife, & Director of Women's Ministries


Born and raised in Easton, Pennsylvania, Pastor Don received his BA in History from Lafayette College, as well as his MA in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary. He felt the call to minister at the age of 24 and began his preaching ministry at Maranatha Christian Assembly in Norristown, PA.

After being ordained in 1999, Pastor Don and his wife Brenda answered their calling to begin a Word based fellowship now known as Green Pastures Community Church. Pastor Don as also served as marriage and family counselor, and has co-authored a groundbreaking book Return To Glory.